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NEW - Drug Testing
Substance Abuse Testing. Urine, Hair and Oral testing available. Dot and Non-DOT. Certified collection site for LabCorp and Quest.

NEW - The Public Data Works ® E-hire Solution – Applicant Tracking and Workforce Management
E-hire automates the processes for attracting, evaluating, selecting and on-boarding applicants. With E-hire, you'll be able to identify the applicants who will deliver the job performance you're seeking. ROI will exceed your expectations.

NEW - Flat Rate Pricing North Carolina Criminal Records Searches – Unlimited Searches
Unlimited record searches for NC Statewide Criminal Records for a flat monthly rate. Let us provide you with a quote that will allow you to have easy budgeting and save your company money.

NEW - Employment Screening and Workforce Management Packages
Prepackaged screening solutions designed for small, medium and large companies.

  • Enhanced - SSN Validation and Address Trace, 1 Statewide Criminal Records, National Sex Offender Record
  • Premium - SSN Validation and Address Trace, Up to 3 Statewide Criminal Records, National Sex Offender Record, DMV Record
  • Platinum - SSN Validation and Address Trace, Last 4 Jurisdictions of Residence Criminal Records within past 7 years, National Sex Offender Record, National Database Criminal Record Search, DMV Record, OFAC, FACIS
NEW - DNA Testing
When you need to know, trust PDW for privacy and accuracy. Parentage, Grandparentage, and Sibling testing with results greater than 99.99% accurate (100% exclusion, 99.99% inclusion). Legal reports admissible in any court of law. Results in 1 to 4 days. Affordably priced at $399 per test.

NEW - Wholesale Program for North Carolina Statewide Records
PDW provides wholesale pricing for national vendors who resale NC Criminal Records. PDW is North Carolina's premier source for criminal records. PDW's web-based service is secure, encrypted and password protected. XML access is available.

NEW - Keep Watch™ Monitoring Service
Routinely monitors the NC Criminal Records of a client's current employees. The service runs employee names everyday to look for changes in or additions to their NC Criminal records from the previous day. Keep Watch™ is an easy, cost effective service for ongoing peace of mind.

Criminal Statewide Searches
Provides criminal history reports from all states where they are available. Our team of experienced researchers give PDW clients the most accurate records in our industry.

County Criminal Searches
Provides information regarding felony and misdemeanor crimes committed in the county requested. All County criminal checks are in compliance with state and local laws.

Federal Criminal Searches
Provides information pertaining to crimes committed against Federal criminal statutes. These records are not included and are not found in the County or State level criminal search. Examples of Federal crimes are drug possession, drug trafficking and firearms violations.

County Civil Searches
Provides information regarding non-criminal suits filed in the county requested. Civil searches can be provided on individual persons or companies. Civil Searches may include Liens and Judgments.

Federal Civil Searches
Provides information on a company or individual pertaining to civil litigation at the Federal level. These records are not included and are not found in the County or State level civil search.

Tax Liens and Bankruptcy Records
County, State and Federal Searches

Motor Vehicle Report
Provides information regarding subject's driver's license status, state/date issued and any disciplinary actions/infractions filed. A signed release is required to carry out this search. Driver's license reports are not accessible in certain states. Please call for state availability.

Credit History
Provides a summary of a credit report as reported by a major credit bureau. A signed release is required to carry out this search. Site inspections are also required for access to credit information.

Social Security Verification Search
Checks the legitimacy of the applicant's social security number and makes certain that the name and date of birth match the social security number provided.

Employment and Education Verification
Confirm job history, dates of hire, degrees and professional licenses.

Sex Offender Register
Checks National Sex Offender Registry

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