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Keep Watch™ Monitoring Service

Your employee had a clean record when you hired them? Is it still clean?

Routine Monitoring of Current Employees

  • Runs employee names everyday to look for criminal records in North Carolina from the previous day.
  • Simply provide employee information and PDW will notify the client of criminal record changes daily.
  • Either the client or PDW will review all records to verify employee identity depending on package level selected by the client.
  • Checks for Felonies, Misdemeanors and Traffic Violations in North Carolina.
  • One time NC Background Check of all existing employees in NC at discount to launch program.
  • National Database Search every year or quarter at reduced rate per record - great for random screening programs.
Real Case: One recent client had an employee that started the job with a clean record 3 years ago. This employee also has a satisfactory work history. PDW's Keep Watch discovered several charges for robbery and assault. This person worked in a nursing home and was often alone with elderly patients.

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