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Applicant Tracking

User Friendly Increase productivity and user (including candidate) satisfaction
Authoring Tools and Workflow Control Offer candidates multiple languages, make changes in real time and manage the desired workflow for individual positions
Background Screening Integration Eliminate unnecessary duplicate data entry for background screening, etc.
Pre-hire Assessments Make better hiring decisions and reduce turnover
Modular Use what you need, only when you need it
Reporting and Analytics Simplify government and SOX compliance
Lower Cost Yes, this too!

The Public Data Works ® E-hire Solution
E-hire automates the processes for attracting, evaluating, selecting and on-boarding applicants. With E-hire, you'll be able to identify the applicants who will deliver the job performance you're seeking. ROI will exceed your expectations.

What you can accomplish:
  • Requisition management
  • Job board and job service posting
  • Referral source tracking
  • Resume and application collection
  • Applicant qualification
  • Predictive pre-hire assessments
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Applicant ranking and notes
  • Offer and acceptance letters
  • New hire processing and form completion
  • Contact logs
  • Analytic and activity reports
For almost 2 decades, the Management at Public Data Works has been helping organizations make the best hiring decisions possible with superior technology and world class service.

E-hire is delivered through secure servers with 99.9% uptime. Visit our website to learn more about E-hire data security.


Compete effectively and say good-bye to spreadsheets and paper. Paper slows everything down. It's also makes it cumbersome to identify and track the applicants you and your managers want. Use E-hire's automated data gathering and evaluation systems to contact and evaluate the best applicants before your competition and store everything electronically.

Operate with speed and efficiency. E-hire is an online SaaS (software as a service). Public Data Works provides all the security, maintenance, upgrades, delivery and training, so there is no burden on your IT department and no hardware or software to purchase. Your branded recruiting website can be set up in one day, configured by you the next day and by day three you are ready to go.

Increase applicant flow. Your Public Data Works built career website becomes your face to the job seeker world and can be linked to job boards like Monster and Career Builder. “Telling and selling” your company through your career website is far less expensive than traditional advertising and more comprehensive than job boards.

Save time and reduce costs. Open positions are bad for business. With E-hire, you can post positions and start processing applicants as soon as you need them. And your cost can be as low as a few dollars a day.

Automate workflow. With E-hire you can quickly and easily manage responses, test applicants, schedule interviews and appointments, and communicate with applicants — all from one centralized system. As soon as a hiring decision is made, manage the offer along with all of the new hire on-boarding steps right from your desktop.

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